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Full Disclosure: This testimonial is from my MOM!

Maybe it's a little weird to include a testimonial from my own Mom here, but the fact is that she is and always will be my Patient Number One, and winning her over to the power of physical therapy is my single greatest achievement in life. If I can get the rest of my siblings on board so I can keep them all in my life a little bit longer than I got to keep my Daddy, my life's work will be complete.

I have added photos and a few captions for clarity that appear in brackets, but this testimonial is otherwise presented exactly as my mother wrote it, typos and all.

Picture of Mother & Daughter
Mary Jo Allen (Left) and daughter Kelly (Right, Patient PT Owner / Founder)

I'm a 64 yo over weight (50+pounds) mom. I have rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, hypothyroidism. I've been a farrier for the last 33 years.

A few years ago when my daughter was home for Christmas I complained that I couldn't reach the top shelf in my kitchen cabinets. She was still in school, working on her PHD in physical therapy. {Technically it's a DPT, which is a clinical doctorate, and a PhD is a research doctorate} She had brought some new tools with her and the journey began.

Mom kayaking July 2017
Before: Mom kayaking July 2017 with her leg outside the kayak due to lost range of motion in her knee.

She scraped a spot on my shins with those tools, {Graston instruments} it did hurt, but it didn't leave a bruise, and I could stand on my tip toes again, hadn't been able to do that for several years, I really thought at my age when you lost something like that it was just gone. I have come to realize that is not the case. There is nothing lost that can't be found again. For the last 20 years I have not had any stairs to climb. My home is almost wheel chair accessible. On the rare occasions when I would have to climb steps, it had become extremely difficult and painful.

When Kelly finished school and passed her State boards, she had a little more free time, I went to her house, 6 hrs away, {round trip} for a visit. One of the things she wanted to do while I was there was a full evaluation of my legs, we both assumed my pain and limitations were primarily caused by the rheumatoid arthritis, turned out that was not the case. I had some rather serious muscle damage caused by an old injury I suffered shoeing a horse. I knew I had scar tissue above my right ankle from the accident, Kelly discovered that I had in fact tore my scoleious and glastrock muscles loose just above my ankle which had allowed my right knee to shift to the outside and because those muscles were drawn up behind my right knee, it wouldn't bend as far as it should {Mom appears to have a large partial tear of her calf, which includes the gastrocnemius and soleus}.

She also found that even tho I could shoe a horse, most of the muscles in my legs had become very weak. So, she came up with a exercise program that I have been working on at home for the last few months.

I can now climb 60 steps without pain! I can get down on the floor and up again, without pain! Most of the chronic pain in my legs that I thought was caused by the rheumatoid arthritis is gone! I have very little pain anymore. It wasn't a quick fix, it took work on my part and at first it was painful.

Because of the distance all of the follow up was over the phone. But three months in I am amazed, it's like we turned the clock back. I'm not writing this because Kelly is my daughter and I'm proud of her, of course I am. But I want other older people to know not all disability is permanent, and the quickest fix, is not always the best. Take the time and put in the effort to turn the clock back.

- Mary Jo Allen, Herrick IL, January 29, 2020

After: Mom Kayaking in September 2017
After: Late September 2017, kayaking with both legs inside thanks to restored knee range of motion after exercise-only intervention early in Kelly's PT education