Top 5 Most Prescribed: Scapular Retraction

In this 4th installment of the Top 5 Most Prescribed, I discuss scapular retractions - an exercise that can help with upper back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and even many arm and head pains! Learn how the scapula and the muscles that attach to it fit into the bigger picture and with a bit of practice, can help save you pain and bad posture. 

Skip Points:

  • Introduction: 0:00 - 0:40
  • Anatomy of the Scapula: 0:40
  • Lower Trapezius and Arm Motion: 1:42
  • What is a Scapular Retraction: 4:02
  • Variations and Why So Easy: 5:05
  • Other Players: Lats, Delts, Levators: 6:02
  • Posture & Shoulder Positioning: 6:50
  • Specific Cues for Perfect Scapular Retractions: 10:10
  • Spoiler Alert - #5 is....: 11:45
  • The Best Part: 12:10

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