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Please add your organization (or yourself) to this form and you will be prioritized according to exposure risk and added to our list. Note that masks are assigned at random -  we do not have the ability to provide a choice of colors or other non-function oriented requests. If you would like to select a specific color or pattern please locate a retail seller of face masks.
This is a local effort based in Bloomington Indiana to supply masks to Monroe County organizations and individuals in need, we are unable to supply masks to those located outside Monroe Country due to overwhelming local need.

Please provide accurate and complete contact information. If we cannot reach you, your request will be marked as cancelled and we will reassign your masks to the next recipient in line.

Already got your masks and need more instructions, or just want to learn more about our masks and how to use them? There is a downloadable PDF right here:


Download Instructions for Use

Mask Pick-Up

We will call you when your mask request is clean, QA'd, counted, and ready for use!

  • WHERE: 
  • HOW:
    1. Request. Submit your mask request via the link above.
    2. Wait until we call. Wait patiently until we call you to tell you when you may come to pick up your masks.
    3. Go to Banneker. Go to Banneker Center and go around the corner from the main entrance, on Elm Street, where there are two sets of double doors. Park outside the North doors. There is a sign.
    4. Call: Call (812) 272-0746 and provide the contact name for your mask request (The phone number is on the sign outside as well.)
    5. Open your trunk / window. Pop your trunk so we can  drop your masks in. If  your trunk doesn't pop, roll down a window and we'll toss them in. Say thank you and give us a reason to smile!
    6. Wear it well. Read the instructions that come with your masks, wash them regularly, and wash your hands!
Pick-Up Zone at Banneker Community Center
Pick-Up Zone at Banneker Community Center


    • Call or Text: (812) 269-8778
    • Email:
      • Help us out with descriptive subject lines like "Sewing question" or "Pickup Question"

Mask delivery is available for institutions lacking adequate personnel and those with no means of picking up or arranging for pickup of their masks. Please don't hesitate to tell us about your special needs when we call you to arrange pickup.

Help with Masks

If you want to help:

Please register as a volunteer! You don't have to be a sewist -  you can make masks, volunteer a sewing machine for loan, donate materials, help us at nightly pick ups, run deliveries, or help with any number of other things. Sign up here!


    • Call or Text: (812) 269-8778
    • Email:
      • Help us out with descriptive subject lines like "Sewing question" or "Pickup Question"

Mask Makers

Click the image to download a PDF of our simple instructions!

Materials & Finished Masks: Pick ups & Drop-Offs

There is no need to purchase new materials, though volunteers are welcome to use their own materials or donate materials as an alternative to sewing or providing cash donations.
  • WHEN:
    • M-F 2 PM - 6 PM
  • WHERE: Banneker Community Center
  • HOW: Pull up next to the double doors on Elm Street, where you see the "Banneker" sign call the Supply Distribution number: (812) 272-2081, and tell them what you need. We will have:
    • Materials: fabric, elastic, interfacing / filtration material, thread, arrangements for loaner sewing machines - you name it, we'll get it.
    • Printed copies of the latest version of our pattern
  • FINISHED MASKS: There is a large bin for finished masks outside the door... unless someone forgot to put it out! These doors are open and you may come in to drop off your masks or say hello, or to remind us to put the bin out! Please drop your masks in, accept our humble thanks, and carry on sewing 🙂
Materials Pickup and Mask Drop Off

About Us

Nola and Kelly were both hustling around Joann fabrics looking for mask-making materials way back on March 18, 2020, and stopped to give each other advice about how to make the best masks. A few days later Kelly was watching her patients cancel appointments while Nola was watching a pile of unwieldy mask requests pile up, and they've been BFF's ever since.

Nola Neher Hartman represents the Bloomington Quilter's Guild, and she got involved in mask-making in mid-March when was contacted for help making fabric masks for Dr. Cynthia Nassim's outpatient pediatric practice, for whom all PPE orders had been cancelled. Nola is coordinating all sewing materials distribution and sewing-related volunteers. Nola fosters newborn kittens and their rescue moms in her free time, and is well known as that quilter with the blue hair.
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Kelly Clark, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Massage Therapist, and owner of Patient PT coordinates distribution and manages information related to this effort so we can get clean, non-contaminated masks distributed equitably to needful individuals and organizations according to their type and most appropriate use. Kelly loves house rabbits and the color green, and laughs really, really loudly.


As of June 1 2020, we've collected over 21,000 finished masks, distributed over 18,000, and recruited over 300 volunteers. Crucial among them are Janet Johnson, Kell Mirowski, Chris Allswede, Sue Bydlon, Carolyn Madvig, and Kelly's husband, who might as well now also be married to Nola, Sod. They are joined by 200+ mask makers and other volunteers who have come together to serve our community in this time of need.

Please direct all inquiries to


Retail value of each mask (all provided free of charge) ranges from $8-15, and masks are assigned to each order by type according to risk factors noted and otherwise at random.
Funds will initially be used to ensure adequate materials are available to all volunteers who need them. Any funds in excess of material costs will be used to reimburse volunteers for donated materials. If excess funds are raised they will be used to compensate volunteers - especially those slipping through the cracks of current relief efforts - for their valuable time, effort, and donated materials.

Donations Here

Those who wish to support this effort may send a monetary gift via Patient PT's pro-bono therapy account with Nola's blessing.

Please Note: Donations sent via this donate button are not tax-deductible.

UW Logo

If you would like to ensure that your donation is tax deductible, you may send us a donation via our fiscal sponsor, the United Way.

Please make checks payable to the United Way and place a note in the memo line that says "Bloomington Mask Drive," then mail to:

United Way of Monroe County

431 S College Avenue

Bloomington, IN 47403

About Our Masks

All our masks are collected using no-contact protocols and then washed, sorted, and quality-controlled using protocols developed by trained medical professionals, and using clean handling procedures. We accept and distribute masks of all types, then sort and assign them to different types of users depending on how they will be used. Veteran quilter Nola Hartman began working with sewist and licensed Pediatrician Cynthia Nassim to design and produce these masks on Sunday, March 15th, and we have since honed the design to ensure it is easy to make, effective, and durable. This is an all-volunteer and donation-based effort, and all masks are provided free of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is getting all these masks? Can I have a mask?

Anyone is welcome to request a mask! We have now distributed clean masks to over 150 families and individuals, and nearly 100 organizations in the Bloomington / Monroe County Area. See the full list Here.

Can I give the masks I make away?

Volunteers who obtain materials from us are asked to please respect our honors system and return masks to us for distribution to ensure all of the time, materials, and money donated to this cause contribute to the free, equitable distribution of non-contaminated masks to those in the Monroe County Area in need. Please keep one or two masks for yourself and wear one during pickups and drop offs to minimize exposure.

If you need additional masks for your loved ones, you are encouraged to sign up for masks and you will receive them as soon as we can possibly get them to you. We distributed over 1000 masks in our first 10 days for this all-volunteer effort - hopefully, it won't be long!

I am sensitive / allergic to dryer sheets, can I still wear these masks?

Because this is an all-volunteer, emergency effort, we cannot make any guarantees about what is in our masks versus not. We make every effort to ensure masks are hypoallergenic and are working to phase out the use of dryer sheets to this end. All masks are washed in fragrance free / hypoallergenic detergent after collection to minimize the effect of potential allergens in some masks.

I might have been exposed to COVID-19. Should I be making masks?

If you bring your masks to us, we will ensure they are washed in hot soapy water and handled in clean conditions.

We recognize that we can't guarantee that we or anyone else is not carrying the virus, and further, that careless handling could increase spread instead of stop it and make every effort to avoid that by allowing only medical professionals to handle and inspect the clean masks. Fortunately, hot soapy water destroys coronavirus, so even if you are worried you've been exposed, you can still make masks for us.

Please do not endanger healthcare providers further by providing masks directly to any healthcare institution or allied health provider, especially if you are concerned you may have been exposed.

I have pets. Should I be making masks? What if people are allergic?

All masks are washed and dried prior to distribution to minimize this possibility, but we include information along with every mask to acknowledge its limitations and best use.

Please do not endanger healthcare providers or patients further by providing masks directly to any healthcare institution or allied health provider if you have pets.

I just read a study by ___ that says fabric masks are bad and will spread the virus more. What do you think you're doing?
We cannot attest to the quality or effectiveness of the masks being made by others and distributed outside this channel.
However, this effort is being led by medical professionals who have a thorough understanding of the risks and limitations of using fabric masks, how to make the best kind possible, and whom are doing everything possible to minimize those risks while still acknowledging and acting to aid in the plight of those who are still working and going about their business with limited or no access to medical-grade masks that are rightly being conserved for use by front-line providers. Those who discourage and harass our volunteers will soon find themselves on the wrong side of history.

Finished Masks Received:


as of June 1, 2020

Fabric Masks Delivered:


as of June 1, 2020

Masks Delivered To:

  • Indiana University Health Center
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Monroe County Public Library
  • Shalom Community Center
  • And many vulnerable elders, individuals with immunocompromise, essential service workers, and volunteers

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