Preventative Wellness & Self-Management

Have you ever wished that modern healthcare was a little friendlier, and that your doctor had time to explain more about your treatment and what is going on?

Did you know that in addition to being experts on the movement systems of the body, physical therapists receive intensive education on anatomy, physiology, and pathology?

  • Work on balance, pain, posture, or ergonomics.
  • Reach your full potential with evidence-based training programs, lifting mechanics, return to sport, and more.
  • Feel young again with Age Well and Pain Self-Management training services
  • Get Graston or massage tune-ups to maintain progress
  • Get a musculoskeletal primary care provider on your side providing non-invasive, evidence based alternatives to pills and surgeries.
  • Understand test and imaging results, treatment options, chronic illness management, and other wellness concepts with the help of a doctorate level healthcare professional
  • Pay the same low rates as PT services:
    • Evaluation: $150
    • Follow-up Visits (45 min): $100
    • Package of Four (4) Visits: Invest in a package of four visits and save money
      • New Wellness Plan (includes evaluation): $410 (regular cost $450)
      • Continuing Wellness Plan (follow-up visits only): $360 (regular cost $400)

Physical Therapy

You've had PT, but you haven't had Patient PT. We do things differently here.

Your first visit is an evaluation and takes longer, usually 1.5-2 hours to fill out paperwork, undergo a thorough evaluation, hear your therapist's recommendations, and decide on a treatment plan together. Therapy aids, written and photo instructions for exercises, Graston Technique, cupping, targeted deep tissue massage, and all other available treatments included, as prescribed and offered by the treating therapist.

This visit is usually in-clinic, but prospective clients are welcome to request any visit via Zoom. Most conditions can be managed without hands-on treatments if desired.

  • Evaluation: $150
  • Follow-up Visits (45 min): $100
  • Package of Four (4) Visits: Invest in a package of four PT visits and save money
    • New Plan of Care (includes evaluation): $410 (regular cost $450)
    • Continuing Plan of Care (follow-up visits only): $360 (regular cost $400)

Massage Therapy

Not just any massage, at Patient PT we believe that massage therapy should always be:

  • Profoundly relaxing
  • Painless
  • Customized to the specific needs of the client

Our massage therapists have a collective total of over 22 years of experience. Our founder was a massage therapist for over a decade before she even started PT school, and still includes massage therapy in almost every plan of care.

If you want massage to be a regular part of your wellness routine, you couldn't possibly be in better hands.

Graston Technique®

Graston Technique® (GT) is a unique, evidence-based form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization that enables clinicians to effectively and efficiently address soft tissue lesions and fascial restrictions resulting in improved client outcomes. GT uses specially designed stainless steel instruments with unique treatment edges and angles to deliver an effective means of manual therapy. Graston Technique is used at therapist discretion during both PT and Preventative Wellness sessions.

Visit Graston Technique, LLC for more information on Graston Technique®.


Consultation & Speaking

Patient PT Founder Kelly Clark is an award-winning community organizer and co-founder of Bloomington Mask Drive. She is available for consultation, public speaking, and education engagements. Examples of available training include:

  • Office Worker Ergonomics
  • Management & Prevention of Repetitive Stress Injury
  • Volunteer Engagement Basics
  • Advocacy, Step By Step
  • Biomechanics for Injury-Free Lifting

Consultation and speaking services are offered on location, at Patient PT, via Zoom, and over the phone. Rates by request.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates may be downloaded as a printable pdf, purchased in person during any regularly scheduled appointment (cash, check, or charge), purchased in person at a scheduled time between clients, or ordered online and mailed upon request.

To order a gift certificate email [email protected] with the subject line "Gift Certificate." To expedite your request,

  1. Tell us the service you'd like to gift.
  2. Let us know if you'd like to get an email invoice to pay online, or pick up in person.

Detailed Price List: This downloadable pdf shows details and pricing for all services and products offered at Patient PT.


Order Gift Certificates Now

After payment has been received, you will have the option of receiving a downloadable PDF of the gift certificate for printing at home, or you may make arrangements to pick it up in person or have it mailed to any U.S. address.

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