Patient PT’s First Podcast

You may remember my delight last July at finding myself unexpectedly published in the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) glossy magazine, PT in Motion.

Not long afterward, I got an email from Amelia Sullivan over at The Pulse, the APTA student blog. Amelia was the person who had helped me develop and publish the longer blog the PT In Motion piece was excerpted from, about my experiences as a non-traditional student. That version went live just before I arrived at CSM 2018 to give my first platform and poster presentations in the physical therapy world.

By the time Amelia circled back with me, the blog had been up for seven or eight months, and had gotten a lot of views and comments as compared to some other content. She asked if I would be willing to record a podcast to talk more about my experiences as a non-traditional student. I recently found out that it's been up online for about two months, and already has 6000 listens.

You can listen to it by clicking the image.