Safety (and patients!) First

There have been plenty of changes for all of us over the last couple of months, and Patient PT is no different! Watch this video to learn more about the safety protocols I've developed to help keep all my clients and patients safe.  (Skip points below!)

Update: In the beginning I talk about the front doors on my building being locked, and they are now unlocked! Visitors may come directly to Patient PT to be screened for temperature.

  • Intro - Why Patient PT Closed
  • 1:25 - Why I'll Meet You at the Front Door (for now!) - UPDATE: EPN front doors are now unlocked!
  • 1:50 - Pre-Visit Health Screens
  • 3:15 - Mask Policy
  • 4:30 - The Patient PT Difference
  • 5:37 - Sanitizing Procedures
  • 5:56 - UV Sterilization in the Treatment Room
  • 7:13 - Gloves / Hands-on Treatments
  • 7:38 - About the Fancy/Free Fabric Masks (made with love by Nola Hartman!)
  • 9:40 - Cash PT is Pretty Sweet

Thanks for checking it out! Book your in-clinic, TeleHealth, or house call visit today.