Why Your “Good Shoes” SUCK

I have SO MANY clients right now who need to rethink their footwear, I couldn't hold this one in any longer. Without further ado, here is everything I have to say about your favorite brand of good, supportive, long-lasting, protective, popular shoes!

  • Intro: List of problematic brands & what makes a "good shoe"
  • 1:15: Anatomy & biomechanics of the human foot
  • 2:10: Why I hate your good shoes
  • 4:30: Bottom line & the stride diagram (walking stride only discussed!)
  • 6:10: Back to why your shoes suck
  • 7:10: Examples of "Good Shoes"
  • 8:10: What to look for in a shoe that maximizes efficient biomechanics
  • 10:00: Plug for Patient PT